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I asked Peri if I could write a post to you and he agreed lol! We must not forget about Percy, he maybe young but he’s still keen to learn what the fuss is all about!!!!

OK so 2 LONG days of rehearsing are now complete and what a transformation has taken place? I would be lying if I said that I went away yesterday confident that things would come together, but I reminded myself of the determination and skill of our fantastic creative choreographers – never under estimate these students.

So day 2 had a slow start with those struggling to get out of bed for a 10am start!! Heaven help you on Rocka D Day when we leave school at that silly time. After a few hours of blood, sweat and NO tears it was like there had been a new Royds clone team had taken the places of the old. You put it together and we filmed you…..a moment you all dreaded especially as we’d said we’d be picking it apart!!! I couldn’t believe the difference that first session this morning had made (I hope you can all move tomorrow).

During lunch we watched it back and then dissected it highlighting some of the main areas for focus and then dispatched you all back out to your rehearsal spaces for a final 40min session…..then a final run through………here are my thoughts:

Wow         Dazzling               Strong            Big Smile (from me)

Has that special something       Power     Drama

Ouch!                  Energy             Fab


All it needs now is that final polish and that sparkle is there. Those who were unable to come to rehearsal have a lot to learn!!

A talented group of students who would think that the ages span 11-17yrs!!! I feel very privileged to work with you all I can’t fault your determination, effort, skills, enthusiasm and friendliness….THANK YOU

Lets all work together to GO FOR IT and show everyone what we’re capable of…..DO YOU BELIEVE???

I DO (if you do then leave a comment)

Enjoy the rest of your Hol you’re all stars

Miss S x


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Well Done :)

Periwinkle here 🙂

You thought i’d disappeared? Alas- NO, I have been hiding, and spying on you a ll 🙂

For those of you who dont know me, Im the BOSS, (your little pig mascot)

Well done on today and yesterdays rehearsels.. so proud of you all!

Its finally all coming together and I have to say, the team work so well together!

It is looking absolutely amazing with the potential to be even better than anything we have ever done!

Proud of the choreoraphers- who work so very hard!

Just a few points to make:

Remember FACES! As we said last year, some of you will know, we pestered about you using your faces to tell the story.. do it! Some of you do it so well, so encourage the others too!

Over the next FEW rehearsels, keep chatting to a minimum and focus as much as you can. The more effort that goes in- the better it will be!

LISTEN to the music, the moves are amazing, now we just have to work at getting them in time.


Thats it for now.. I hope to see ALL of you on Monday after school!

Leave a comment below and get everyone to come on here!

Have a good rest of your holidays ,

yours faithfully

Peri xxxxx

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Make Up Template

For all those in hair and make up, Download the template bellow!

This is due for Monday the 15th of March


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Ethos of Rock Challenge

OK so you’re in the team and part of Rock Challenge……well dancing is not the only thing you need to understand.Rock Challenge is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and conveying the anti smoking, drinking and drugs message. We want to encourage all of those of you who are already using at least one of these and some of your will be experimenting with more dangerous substances.

So what better way than to use our blog!!! Here are some facts:

How long does it take to get hooked? A September 2000 study showed that one quarter of 11 to 13 year olds who smoke as few as two or three cigarettes a day become addicted in just two weeks. And many of the rest got addicted shortly after that. Once hooked, the average smoker is unable to stop for seventeen years! And every year, they will spend £1000 or more on tobacco products, to maintain their addiction.

What could you buy with the money you would save in two years? How about your first car! Over 10 years, you would save £10,000!

The complete list of chemicals added to your cigarettes is too long to list here. Here are some examples that will surprise you:

  • Fungicides and pesticides — Cause many types of cancers and birth defects.
  • Cadmium — Linked to lung and prostate cancer.
  • Benzene — Linked to leukemia.
  • Formaldehyde — Linked to lung cancer.
  • Nickel — Causes increased susceptibility to lung infections

This is just about smoking…there are many other effects caused by alochol and drugs which will discuss.

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Photos Are online….

All of the photos from Bradford and those Mr Foster took at Grimsby are now online. TO view them go to the school website and click the link and follow the instructions for ordering them. If you copy them directly they are extremely poor quality and also have a watermark over the top. All money covers the cost of the photos and the licence for them. DVD’s are to follow.

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Well done everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 days to rehearse

11 other tough competitors

we beat 8 other schools!


All our months of hard work has paid off.

We spent hours on this, in all aspects to get it to perfection to be THE best it could be, and we all made ourselves proud.

It was slick, professional, not to mention how dramatic it was!

Thanks to stage crew, brilliant job.

Thanks to make up crew, amazing team who made everyone look fab.

Thanks to the choreographers, making the dances perfect, other schools were so impressed when we said it was all our own work- hello student leadership award 🙂

Thanks to Tom, Tom, and Josh, for the lighting- hello lighting award 🙂

Thanks to Lacey, for the video- hello video performance award 🙂

Thanks to Westy, and Bouch for their endless hours behind the scenes.

Of course thanks to Miss Stow, for creating this amazing experience for us all.

And to those who are leaving, Sophie Tom Lacey- what will we do next year without you?

Jess.. Poppy.. to name but a  few- we will be lost!

And I would also like to thank myself for being an excellent pig mascot.

You were so preffessional, and you are a super talented group of people, and should feel so honoured to get to work with each other. Im sure that for all of you it has been a rewarding experience- you best be back next year.

One more time on the 18th of June- be there!

Once again, a massive well done,

you have made each other so proud, and I have the biggest smile a pig could have right now!

All my love until next year

Peri xxxxx

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Rocka Grimsby Quotes

Firstly let me say a massive congratulations and well done to everyone who has been involved with this years rock challenge from the start, Who’d have thought 6 months ago that we would have ended up at Grimsby! What we can in achieve in 3 days is simply astounding and I really was so proud of all of you last night! Again well done!

Throughout the whole day yesterday there were some rather hilarious things said so I thought that I’d post up some of my favorites! If you have anymore you want me to add, Post a comment underneath this post and I’ll pop them up as soon as I can!

Let’s get the ball rolling with this classic from you know who! 😛

How long till were on Tom?

About 3 quarters of an hour.

How longs that? 15 Mins?


Oh 20!?

Get posting your own quotes now!

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