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We’ve moved!

We are no longer updating this website.

Please find our new website at www.roydsrockchallenge.co.uk


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Wow, what a long day yesterday was! I’m shattered this morning and I’m sure that some of you are too!

I’ve got to firstly admit that I was absolutely crippled with nerves last night as I sat down at the lighting desk, not just for myself either! After working on this piece with Ellie, myself and Miss Stow since summer last year, It’s become a rather big part of my life and made me proud to even see you lot stood on a stage. And my did you lot pull it out of the bag! Everything we’d talked about, every little minute detail that we’d said needed tweaking was improved then super-improved!

Everyone said it looked fantastic and unfortunately for me, I kept my head down as not to get distracted but I’m sure I’ll be seeing the video at some point!

With all that in mind, there’s A few amazing people within our little family I’d really like to thank and congratulate.


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Group Logo’s Released!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your group logos are here!

The Grim

Adam Pape


Aiden Hackett

Robbie Jacques

Nathan Massey

Brad Purnell

Mathew William


Paige Adams

India Bainbridge

Grace Broughton

Alice Chambers

Alex Cooper

Lauren Creasser

Chloe Dunnil

Molly Gamble

Chloe Harvey

Hayley Howden

Heather Kirby

Ebony Naylor

Charlotte Speight

Katie Ward

Ellie Wilson

Dollie Mixture

Siobhan Allinson

Chloe Butcher

Felicity Reynard

Brittany Rosindale

Mc Neil

Molly Allinson

Catherine Allsop

Millie Beanland

Chloe Booth

Charlotte Bulmer

Leah Carter

Alex Chester

Rebecca Collumb

Alexandra Dean

Kelly Dixon

Beth Farnaby

Becca Fletcher

Megan Forbes

Megan Hughes

Katie Keebles

Rebecca Lambert

Faye Marshall

Amy Massey

Victoria McLaughlin

Hazell Morris

Jade Naylor

Chloe Peach

Isabelle Peat

Charlotte Pringle

Emily Readman

Megan Skerett

Christina Smith

Georgia Tallant

Danielle T-Bland

Elisa Trout

Jenny Brear – Prof


Courtney Arundale

Rachel Atkinson

Hannah Billingham

Briony Clegg

Grace Coburn

Victoria Coburn

Becky Ellis

Hannah Flanagan

Emma Forbes

Lidia Forrester

Alice Hirst

Lucy Holl

Rhianna Howie

Martha Knight

Georgia Leadbeater

Amy Milner

Colleen Mooney

Hollie Parker

Lia Poole

Georgia Rogers

Libbie Saunders

Mica Tang

Katy Tomlinson

Caitlyn Worrillow

Melanie Yang

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Tweet Tweet

Twitter - twitter.com/roydsrockaThis year to keep everyone informed and up to date, We’ve signed up to twitter! If your own twitter, Make sure you follow us:


If your not on twitter… Sign up! It doesn’t take two minutes and its the easiest way to stay up to date with all the latest news we want to get to you! Or if your lazy, The latest tweet is to the right hand side over there ———–>

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Auditions Moved

Due to all the chaos that the snow has caused round school and us having ‘Snow Week’ last week, Auditions have now been moved to a later date

New dates are as follows

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Let’s Get Rocking!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Rock Challenge is Back for 2010!

After a outstanding year last year, Royds’ Rocka aims to be bigger, better, louder and prouder this year and that can only happen with the help of you! Were back with an even bigger and better blog!

So I am pleased to announce

If thats not clear enough, Years 7, 8 and 9 can audition on the 11th of January. Then Years 10, 11 and Sixth form can all audition the day after, The 12th of January.

Best of luck to all of you and I look forward to seeing lots of new and familiar faces!




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Safe & Sound

At around 7am this morning, whilst most of you were still asleep, one very important person in our team was wide awake, loaded full of coffee and armed with an email window. Yes this morning was the morning of Rock Challenge 2010 entries. And we are pleased to announce that we have got ourselves a place at Bradford on Weds the 5th of May!

Miss Stow this morning frantically was filling in our entry for this years competition, So you can all put that date in your diary!

Soon the blog will be getting a bit of a new look to go with this years, so far top secret, theme! So stay tuned!

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