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Wow, what a long day yesterday was! I’m shattered this morning and I’m sure that some of you are too!

I’ve got to firstly admit that I was absolutely crippled with nerves last night as I sat down at the lighting desk, not just for myself either! After working on this piece with Ellie, myself and Miss Stow since summer last year, It’s become a rather big part of my life and made me proud to even see you lot stood on a stage. And my did you lot pull it out of the bag! Everything we’d talked about, every little minute detail that we’d said needed tweaking was improved then super-improved!

Everyone said it looked fantastic and unfortunately for me, I kept my head down as not to get distracted but I’m sure I’ll be seeing the video at some point!

With all that in mind, there’s A few amazing people within our little family I’d really like to thank and congratulate.


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Safe & Sound

At around 7am this morning, whilst most of you were still asleep, one very important person in our team was wide awake, loaded full of coffee and armed with an email window. Yes this morning was the morning of Rock Challenge 2010 entries. And we are pleased to announce that we have got ourselves a place at Bradford on Weds the 5th of May!

Miss Stow this morning frantically was filling in our entry for this years competition, So you can all put that date in your diary!

Soon the blog will be getting a bit of a new look to go with this years, so far top secret, theme! So stay tuned!

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