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Rocka Grimsby Quotes

Firstly let me say a massive congratulations and well done to everyone who has been involved with this years rock challenge from the start, Who’d have thought 6 months ago that we would have ended up at Grimsby! What we can in achieve in 3 days is simply astounding and I really was so proud of all of you last night! Again well done!

Throughout the whole day yesterday there were some rather hilarious things said so I thought that I’d post up some of my favorites! If you have anymore you want me to add, Post a comment underneath this post and I’ll pop them up as soon as I can!

Let’s get the ball rolling with this classic from you know who! 😛

How long till were on Tom?

About 3 quarters of an hour.

How longs that? 15 Mins?


Oh 20!?

Get posting your own quotes now!

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