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I asked Peri if I could write a post to you and he agreed lol! We must not forget about Percy, he maybe young but he’s still keen to learn what the fuss is all about!!!!

OK so 2 LONG days of rehearsing are now complete and what a transformation has taken place? I would be lying if I said that I went away yesterday confident that things would come together, but I reminded myself of the determination and skill of our fantastic creative choreographers – never under estimate these students.

So day 2 had a slow start with those struggling to get out of bed for a 10am start!! Heaven help you on Rocka D Day when we leave school at that silly time. After a few hours of blood, sweat and NO tears it was like there had been a new Royds clone team had taken the places of the old. You put it together and we filmed you…..a moment you all dreaded especially as we’d said we’d be picking it apart!!! I couldn’t believe the difference that first session this morning had made (I hope you can all move tomorrow).

During lunch we watched it back and then dissected it highlighting some of the main areas for focus and then dispatched you all back out to your rehearsal spaces for a final 40min session…..then a final run through………here are my thoughts:

Wow         Dazzling               Strong            Big Smile (from me)

Has that special something       Power     Drama

Ouch!                  Energy             Fab


All it needs now is that final polish and that sparkle is there. Those who were unable to come to rehearsal have a lot to learn!!

A talented group of students who would think that the ages span 11-17yrs!!! I feel very privileged to work with you all I can’t fault your determination, effort, skills, enthusiasm and friendliness….THANK YOU

Lets all work together to GO FOR IT and show everyone what we’re capable of…..DO YOU BELIEVE???

I DO (if you do then leave a comment)

Enjoy the rest of your Hol you’re all stars

Miss S x

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The following groups are required for rehearsal on Monday 15th Dec till 4pm. Please ensure that you are there.sherwood.jpgcis.jpg


Looking forward to seeing the dances develop……

See you all Monday


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Day 1

Well Rehersal day one is over. Thanks to everyone who turned up today, And thanks for being measured! And may I also say congratulations for getting through! It was tough but My Rock Challenge Crew have picked the best of the best! A few things need to be done before next rehearsal:

Also the groups were announced today but just in case you you missed them or are unsure which group your in please click read more!


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