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Rocka Grimsby Quotes

Firstly let me say a massive congratulations and well done to everyone who has been involved with this years rock challenge from the start, Who’d have thought 6 months ago that we would have ended up at Grimsby! What we can in achieve in 3 days is simply astounding and I really was so proud of all of you last night! Again well done!

Throughout the whole day yesterday there were some rather hilarious things said so I thought that I’d post up some of my favorites! If you have anymore you want me to add, Post a comment underneath this post and I’ll pop them up as soon as I can!

Let’s get the ball rolling with this classic from you know who! 😛

How long till were on Tom?

About 3 quarters of an hour.

How longs that? 15 Mins?


Oh 20!?

Get posting your own quotes now!

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That’s right! Only 5 weeks to go!

That means:

35 Days Which Is… 840 Hours Which Is… 50400 Minutes Which Is… 3024000 Seconds!

So not long to go at all! Therefore everybody is required on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday!

Perri x

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A Reminder

Just a reminder that we need your email address’ ASAP!!! roydsrockchallenge@hotmail.co.uk


We need photo replies, If you didn’t get one or have lost yours, See Miss Stow! Photos are probably gonna be up sometime this week as well so keep those eyes pealed

P x

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The following groups are required for rehearsal on Monday 15th Dec till 4pm. Please ensure that you are there.sherwood.jpgcis.jpg


Looking forward to seeing the dances develop……

See you all Monday


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Day 1

Well Rehersal day one is over. Thanks to everyone who turned up today, And thanks for being measured! And may I also say congratulations for getting through! It was tough but My Rock Challenge Crew have picked the best of the best! A few things need to be done before next rehearsal:

Also the groups were announced today but just in case you you missed them or are unsure which group your in please click read more!


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Second Auditions!

What a high standard once again! Today it was year 10, 11 and sixth form! The dance was taught, and performed at such a high standard. Id be as hopeless as twinkle toes with my trotters getting all muddled up, so well done for even attempting that!

So many people wanting to take part, and limited places, the team have tried to be as fair as possible!

(Effort being a big factor! )

So well done to everyone who auditioned, everyone did so well!

But do not despair, there is always next year if you didn’t quite make the team!

Hopefully the list will be up tomorrow.

Lots of love, A very excited Perriwinkle. 🙂


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Audition Time

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the meeting on Wednesday! Me and the rest of the Rock Challenge gang were overwhelmed with the amount of people wanting to take part this year! A grand total of a 140 people wanting to be involved Thanks again to everyone!

On another note, Wednesday and Thursday are the big days! Auditions! I hope your looking forward to them as much as I am. Remember to show off as much as possible and don’t forget about your special talents as well! I’ll be there so make sure you keep a eye out for me! Keep a close watch on the blog as full details after auditions will be posted and maybe some pictures!






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